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Dave & Queenie Crawford Missing Person

Category: Armed Forces - RAF
Seeking:  Dave & Queenie Crawford
Location:  Tayside - Central Scotland and Fife : No Town Information
Message:  hi dave & queenie have just picked up your message but my mail is returned each time, hope this will bring better luck. keith cranstoun
Posted By:  Keith Cranstoun on Monday 7 November 2011

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Category: Family & Friends
Name:  Dave & Queenie Crawford
Seeker:  Keith Cranstoun
Location:  Tayside - Central Scotland and Fife : 29021
Message:  Hi Dave & Queenie Have been trying to respond to your message on missing-you, but mail keeps coming back undelivered. Hence trying to do it in reverse Hope we make contact Keith Cranstoun.
Date:  Monday 7 November 2011
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