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Craig Ledger Missing Person

Category: Family & Friends
Seeking:  Craig Ledger
Location:  South East
Message:  Hi, I wouldn\\`t mind trying to find my good friend from childhood, in primary, junior and secondary school, who goes by the name Craig Ledger -- though he may since have changed it, I know he did for a hot second because he didn\\`t want to be found by random people from school after we\\`d left. I\\`m not a random person but we did lose contact, I\\`m no longer on social media and even when searching for him on many separate occasions I haven\\`t found him on there or elsewhere. Last I knew he left the UK and went to Germany, met a nice girl and had a child, maybe more children since. I just miss the hell out of him, he was a good person, very cool, funny, one of a kind -- a brilliant mind and a great spirit! Any help with this one would be much appreciated. It\\`s not the end of the world if I don\\`t befriend him again and re-establish contact, \\`specially if he doesn\\`t want to dig up the past, but it would be great at the same time. To email or go out to Germany or wherever he is and see him, whatever y\\`know, I just respected that guy. He\\`ll be mid-to-late twenties, no exact age because he\\`s the same age as me and I don\\`t wish to specify exactly. Blonde hair, blue eyes, something quite Germanic about him, maybe in his background, but from Southampton, England.
Posted By:  Marc M on Sunday 8 July 2018


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