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Colin Woods Missing Person

Category: Armed Forces - Navy
Seeking:  Colin Woods
Location:  Aberdeen and Grampian
Message:  S50 Entry of Artificer Apprentices HMS Caledonia Jan 1965 are trying to trace there original Divisional Chief Colin "Slinger" Woods so they can invite him to there next Reunion. Whist at Caledonia he was Captain of the ships first teams at Rugby and Cricket. After leaving Navy was a Ship Surveyor in Aberdeen area.
Posted By:  Don Fawcett on Monday 23 January 2012

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Category: Family & Friends
Name:  Colin Woods
Seeker:  Caroline Simpson
Location:  No Regional Information
Message:  looking for colin woods, last known possibly moved from grimsby to blackpool area. children kimberley and simon livedwith their mother in grimsby. would love to catch up. may still be involved in horses.
Date:  Thursday 8 May 2008
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