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Christopher Rowlands Missing Person

Category: Family & Friends
Seeking:  Christopher Rowlands Picture
Location:  South Wales : No Town Information
Message:  Hi, I’m still looking for my partners father Christopher Rowlands, I know a bit more now, he was born 1/2/51 his father was called Robert Rowlands I believe his mother was called Florence but I’m not 100%, Christopher has 2 sisters one in wed lock and one not, his sisters are called Patricia and barbara I know barbara lives in Australia now and is known as Brito, if anyone could help that would a huge help thank you
Posted By:  Nicola Rowlands on Monday 12 March 2018

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Category: Family & Friends
Name:  Christopher Rowlands
Seeker:  Nicola Rowlands
Location:  South Wales
Message:  Looking on behalf of Partner, he is looking for his Dad Christopher rowlands he was born 1st feb 1951, we know he has 4 children that we know of. If anyone knows anything please let me know we have been searching for a while now. Thank you
Date:  Monday 19 August 2013
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