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Catherine Kelly Missing Person

Category: Adoptions
Seeking:  Catherine Kelly
Location:  Glasgow and Strathclyde : No Town Information
Message:  I am just bringing this message to the forefront on behalf of Christopher Kelly. He and his twin sister were separated and she was given up for adoption in Scotland.They were born in 1941. If like Christopher you have a relative who was adopted in Scotland and you can not trace that relative because of Scotland's outdated adoption laws are you willing to join me in a campaign to bring the law into line with that of England and Wales? As Scottish law stands a sibling or relative cannot look at the adoption records, only the adopted person can see his or her records. No information is given to anyone other than the adoptee and the records are sealed for 100 years. If you wish to join me in a campaign then please reply to this message. If I have enough support to start a petition then I will happily start one which I hope will spread nationwide.
Posted By:  Stella Davey on Wednesday 29 July 2015

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Category: Adoptions
Name:  Catherine Kelly
Seeker:  Christopher Kelly
Location:  Glasgow and Strathclyde : 26899
Message:  I am searching for my twin sister, Catherine Kelly, (Birth name). She was born in the ambulance waggon on its way to Stobhill Hospital,in Glasgow at 11-15 am, at junction of High street and George Street, Friday,14th March 1941. I was born at 11-30am in Stobhill Hospital, 14th March 1941. Our mothers address on our birth certificates is given as, 98 South Portland Street, Glasgow. Catherine and I were Baptised at St Roch's parish Church, Glasgow, on 3rd May 1941. Our address on our baptismal certificates, is given as, 'Barnhill', which was then Glasgow's largest poorhouse. Catherine was adopted. Our mother, ( also Catherine Kelly ), was married to, but separated from, William Kelly, who was not our father. Our mother's maiden name was Robinson. I have tried all avenues in my search for Catherine, but unfortunately, Scotland's outdated adoption law's are proving an obstacle too far. If anybody can help, that would be great. Many thanks.
Date:  Tuesday 1 October 2013
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