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Brother Missing Person

Category: Adoptions
Seeking:  Brother
Location:  East Anglia : Lowestoft
Message:  hi i have very kindly been given a list of boys names who were adopted in 1966 just wondering when searching do i look for their birth district or their adopted district? thanks
Posted By:  Sharon Partridge on Sunday 20 January 2013

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Category: Adoptions
Name:  Adopted Brother
Seeker:  Marion Holliday
Location:  Ulster
Message:  Adopted brother. Believe was adopted in 1962 to1964 in northern Ireland. Mother was from south, name was Holliday nee Mason. Family believe you contacted birth mother after death of husband! But was declined. Brothers and sisters wish to get to know you if you still want to. Please contact family of Betty Holliday or mason
Date:  Saturday 29 December 2012
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Category: Adoptions
Name:  Yvonne Mcallister Kilmarnock? ( Brothers Of! )
Seeker:  Trevor Collinge
Location:  No Regional Information
Message:  Seeking any of 6 brothers(ages 40+) of Yvonne Mcallister age 40. Their sister had a different father which may have been the reason for adoption(adopted name Donna Watson) I believe she was born in Kilmarnock but was adopted at birth and spent some time in Dundee. She would love to be reunited with any of her Mcallister brothers! If you are seeking a long-lost sister please respond!
Date:  Tuesday 9 December 2008
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Category: Adoptions
Name:  Brother And Siser
Seeker:  Lily Fox
Location:  East Midlands : 2779
Message:  I am looking for my brother david john, and my sister natasha that was adorpda out at a young age,they are now 18 and really want to see them again, last time I knew they was in south end, from what I remember their last name before changing it was pitchard, only know name, dob,they are really missed at home, n the door is always open to them, we all miss them loads and really want to see them, plz if anyone can help, let me know thank u, just a quick update about the twins, I have find them after find out which place did the adaption :)
Date:  Tuesday 12 February 2013
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Category: Adoptions
Name:  Brother
Seeker:  Sharon Partridge
Location:  East Anglia : 1092
Message:  hi,has anyone got adoption lists for boys,1965,looking for my brother,brothers birth name Nigel Gooch,date or birth is 14/02/1965,place of birth lowestoft,many thanks
Date:  Monday 14 January 2013
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Category: Adoptions
Name:  Dean And Grant Clarck Brothers
Seeker:  Emma
Location:  South West : 12763
Message:  dean wuld be around 11 and grant wuldl be 14! they was my foster brothers they have learning difficoulties they wer wiv us scince very younge got taken away and put in seprate homes in 2005, dont no if theier both in a childrens home or if theve been adopted or even if their still alive and well! too me their my brothers and i miss them terribly i f u no any thimg please get in contact my number is 01179500124 pleaseplease please get in contact if u no anything emma xxxx
Date:  Friday 11 January 2008
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