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Brii Jennifer Matheson Missing Person

Category: Family & Friends
Seeking:  Brii Jennifer Matheson
Location:  East Midlands : Belper
Message:  To our beloved granddaughter Brii, her sister North and brother Darwyn. Please know this, years and distance do not remove you from our hearts, you have been there since the day you were born and will always be till the end of time. Any disputes between us and your mother does not include you, you are blameless in all this and need not worry yourselves. Just know we love you and miss you and want to see you again some day. I am on fb as Ellen Matheson (Ellen being my mothers pet name for me) I know it may be years before you search for your own name and find this, but know not a day goes by that we don`t think of you. All our thoughts and love are yours all three of you. Nan and Grandad
Posted By:  Elaine Matheson on Saturday 24 June 2017


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