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Brian Martin Missing Person

Category: Family & Friends
Seeking:  Brian Martin
Location:  Greater London : Fulham
Message:  Hi, I am trying to locate Brian James Martin who would now be in his 70s. He originated from London (Fulham I believe) and had a sister called Barbara. His parents (Rene and Jack Meaton) ran an off licence in Greyhound Road, Fulham. He had a niece Debbie (now in her 50s) and nephew Stephen (now late 40s/early 50s). I know Brian had a son who would now be in his mid to late 50s. I know Brian was a HGV driver in the mid 70s and then worked for a cargo airline. He then went to the US in the late 70s/early 80s to drive big rigs and may still be there. Brian was my mums boyfriend for some years but their relationship finished due to Brians move to the US. He was the closest thing to a dad and I adored him so much. I would love to know where and how he is. I think about him often and have missed him tremendously. Any information would be gratefully received. Thank you
Posted By:  Paula Bates on Thursday 20 June 2019

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Category: Family & Friends
Name:  Brian Martin
Seeker:  Ilse Gajdzik
Location:  No Regional Information
Message:  Hello, I am looking for Brian Martin. We met in 1960 first when I stayed at Radnage as an au-pair girl and again we met in 1965 at High Wycombe. Brian was 19 years old when we first met and he lived at Bledlowridge. Unfortunately we lost contact in the following years and later I could not find him any more. The family sold the house Nr.7, The Crest, Bledlowridge, and no one could give me further informations. I have tried many ways so far and now I am looking forward to get some help. - Thank You. I am thankful for any information.
Date:  Sunday 24 June 2012
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