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Benjamin or Ben Missing Person

Category: Family & Friends
Seeking:  Benjamin Or Ben
Location:  Greater London : No Town Information
Message:  I met him on my travels in \\`99 when I was a runaway and would like any information about his well being and where\\`s about. He\\`s round about 5\\\"6/5\\\"7 with mousy brown hair {he had cropped hair/curtains when I met him back in 1999}, brown eyes and a chubby face. Ben was quite chunky when I met him. He hung around with a guy called Ricky who was a herion addict. Ben lived on the step of W.H.Smith in Westminister. I did have his tube pass with the name Ben Greatfix on {the police have confirmed that isn\\`t his real name}. When I met him he had blue jeans on and designer trainers plus a fleece. Ben had a \\`mummy\\` sleeping bag with him. I left him with my belongings - a silver bag, a book and my national insurance card as well as cash - that I forgot to pick up before I left. I booked a hotel room for him and me but ended up going home after I got lost. He ran away from Wallsall to get away from the abuse at home. I would be grateful for any information please. I\\`ve lost all messages couldn\\`t access them so created a new account with an active email address.
Posted By:  Marie Mulligan on Thursday 29 March 2018


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