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Archibald Missing Person

Category: Family & Friends
Seeking:  Archibald
Location:  Tayside - Central Scotland and Fife : Dunfermline
Message:  Trying find any relatives of sandy archibald, would now b in his sixties, lived in dunfermline in 1967. Believe sandy married and had children, my half brothers and sister, who i would love to meet.
Posted By:  Jacqueline on Sunday 26 August 2012

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Category: Family & Friends
Name:  Archibald (archie) Harold Reader
Seeker:  Nicola Smith
Location:  West Midlands : 20680
Message:  I am searching for information on what happened to my grandmas father, Archie Harold Reader born in July 1904. He left the family home just before WW2 started. I have research to say he may have moved to Aldershot, Hampshire but cannot confirm this, incase i have wrong person. Just want to put my grandma's mind to rest on what happened to him, and if he has died,to visit his final resting place. I know Archie had some issues. Any small bit of information any person may have, would be helpful. Regards Nicola Smith
Date:  Sunday 8 April 2012
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Category: Family & Friends
Name:  Any Relatives Of The Late Archibald (ron) Jackson Or Gertrude (jacqueline) Jacks
Seeker:  Stephanie Nash (jackson)
Location:  No Regional Information
Message:  I any descendants or relatives of Jackie and Ron Jackson could offer me any information about my family it would be greatly appreciated as they passed on while I was of an young age living in Canada and I have no connections to my relatives. I also have on older sister Victoria Jackson and a possible half-sister Pauline Jackson.
Date:  Monday 20 August 2007
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Category: Family & Friends
Name:  Family Of Archibald Salbraith Mcelwee
Seeker:  Mrs Ann Marie Williams
Location:  Mid Wales
Message:  i am looking for any family members of the above. sadly my father was killed four days before i gave birth to his grand-daughter,15 years ago. and i would like my children to know as well as myself where we came from. i know my grandmothers name was "granny Mattie" and i know that when my father was killed his brother sammy was there and also got hurt, resulting in him being in a coma.
Date:  Sunday 2 September 2007
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Category: Family & Friends
Name:  Archibald Hair
Seeker:  George Leask
Location:  Glasgow and Strathclyde : 26980
Message:  Archibald Hair born 1915 at 11 Haldane Street married Anne Temple 1940. Daughter, Margaret Coventry Hair born 1942 married William Berry 1963. Seeking contact with anyone from this family for genealogy info.
Date:  Tuesday 30 October 2007
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Category: Family & Friends
Name:  Archibald Morrison Beaton
Seeker:  Scott Beaton
Location:  Mid Wales
Message:  Seeking relatives of Archibald Beaton believed to be deceased (1993) born 1908 on Islay. Also seeking Marion Beaton sister of Archibald born 1910
Date:  Thursday 1 May 2008
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