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Anthony Francis JEFFERY (now Beveridge Missing Person

Category: Adoptions
Seeking:  Anthony Francis Jeffery (now Beveridge
Location:  No Regional Information
Message:  Hi ANTHONY FRANCIS BEVERIDGE! I am your niece. ..Our family has been searching for you for years. I posted on this site 3 yrs ago from my old email and under my previous married name. I can't access my old email account so I don't know if you had seen my message searching for you 3 yrs previously. ..it is only the 2nd post below the post you had put up looking for Dad and uncle Michael ladt year! I replied to yous this morning but had to re registered so am unsure if you will receive it, ill try again. Wow. ....Dad told me that you were born Anthony F Jeffery at east Bourne hospital, Surrey, England in 1951 or 52, to my grandmother Lillian Mabel Birch. You were placed up for adoption and Dad (Barry Keith Jeffery) and uncle Micheal were put in the child migrants scheme and shipped to Fremantle, Australia in 1954, they went through a few orphanages and boys homes before leaving when they were able to. Both of your brothers are Australian based and have both searched for you. But like I found your records being sealed I posted here in the hope you knew enough of your birth info to see my messages or search for them. They reunited with your mother but sadly she passed in 1999. You have a lot of family eager to get in touch with you. In fact all your family is aussie based except me. Dad had 12 of us! And Michael and aunty Mary had 2 & well let's just say you also have a lot of great niece's and nephew's to meet! !! Please see this message or any one else that knows and checks his post for him and pass this on for him. I contacted the family this morning. ....62 YEARS OF SEPERATION IS ALL OVER! :)
Posted By:  Amber Jeffery on Saturday 6 August 2016


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