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Alexandrina (sandra?) Callaghan Missing Person

Category: Family & Friends
Seeking:  Alexandrina (sandra?) Callaghan
Location:  No Regional Information
Message:  I\\\'m looking for my grandmother, I don\\\'t know very much about her but hopefully someone can help. She was born in January 1942, married my grandad Jim (James) and they had a son (my dad) Stephen. Last place of residence I knew of was Beckenham, Kent. The last trace I\\\'ve been able to find was on the electoral roll in 2005, I believe she used to work for a local company (now dissolved) Traingrove Ltd. I was told she relocated to Shropshire but I don\\\'t know whether that\\\'s true. I\\\'d appreciate any help or info. I just want to find her and make up for lost time. 1/2/17 Found out Alexandrina\'s maiden name was Welch. Managed to find out the estate agent and solicitors used when she sold her flat in 2005 but they refused to forward a letter on by behalf... (as suggested by Ian) back to square one :-(
Posted By:  Katie Callaghan on Monday 30 January 2017


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