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Alex Cochrane Missing Person

Category: Family & Friends
Seeking:  Alex Cochrane
Location:  Glasgow and Strathclyde : No Town Information
Message:  hi am looking for a alex cochrane that was his name when i knew him could have other name tho he stayed in newmains lanakshire with his grandad and uncle when they both died he moved out and i havent seen him for over 21 years would love 2 see him again contact me if u see this or if u know him he would b about 50 now thank you
Posted By:  Sharon Cain on Tuesday 20 November 2012

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Category: Family & Friends
Name:  Alex Cochrane
Seeker:  Sharon Cain
Location:  Glasgow and Strathclyde
Message:  Hi posted a message in here 4years ago got a new email am still looking for a alex cochrane from newmains he stayed with his uncle and grandad he moved out when they died havent seen him for over 25 years and would love to get in contact again he with be about 55 56 now just wondered what has happened to him he stayed in newmains lanarkshire thanks. Sharon.cain1234@gmail.com
Date:  Wednesday 20 January 2016
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