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Alan Mazzei (Birth Name) son of Joyce Mazzei (nee Silsby) Missing Person

Category: Adoptions
Seeking:  Alan Mazzei (birth Name) Son Of Joyce Mazzei (nee Silsby)
Location:  East Anglia : Hitchin
Message:  Alan was born at Foxholes Hospital in Hitchin, Hertfordshire on the 26 October 1951 and was adopted at birth. Since the Adoption took place the family know nothing of Alan. He was the son of Joyce Mazzei (nee Silsby) and the address registered on his birth certificate shows 39 Sunnyside Road, Hitchin, Hertfordshire. Alan has a brother and sister who would dearly love to be in touch with him. Alan would be my cousin. If anyone knows Alan please let him know that his brother and sister are trying to get in touch with him. It would mean so much to them to find him. We assume that Alan would have a new identity since adoption. Thanks
Posted By:  Dean Malpass on Tuesday 8 November 2011


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