People Tracing Service

When it comes to finding people you’ve lost contact with you will not be short of potential solutions. The internet is rife with websites that claim to help you. We’ve been around since 1998 so we’ve seen many sites come and go. We thought we’d put together a guide that looks at your options depending on who you are looking for and why. Some people tracing services are expensive and cost thousands of pounds others are completely free. It’s true to say you get what you pay for but still there are many cowboys out there who trace people illegally and without following a correct process.

Some who is the best people tracing service in the UK?

This is where the done for you services start. You can sit back and let them find your person for you. There are a few players in the market but the best by a mile and the one that is featured on BBC1 is (now called Relative Connections).

Relative Connections guarantee to locate the exact person you’ve lost touch with. We have recommended them to people who ask us for a people tracing service and have never had any complaints about them. They work hard to find your person for you. The service works by you providing the details of the person you are looking for. Then they take that information and add to it, they find your person and report back to you.
So if you’re looking for the UK’s leading people tracing service then CLICK THROUGH TO THEIR WEBSITE HERE

If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative then read on

Let’s start with the lower end of the spectrum

We have to start with ourselves. We are one of the oldest, most trusted people tracing services in the UK. Missing You came to be because we wanted to create a community of people who were looking for missing loved ones. Back in 1998 the web was a very different place and we were the first message board for reuniting people. Consequently our database is huge and by placing a listing on our site you stand a great chance of finding exactly who you are looking for. For this reason I think it’s safe to say we are the best low cost people tracing service around.
If you wanted to try to be even more proactive and wanted to start performing your own searches you could use or Both of these companies have strong reputations for providing reasonably good information. The potential pitfalls are making sure you have the correct person and not just a namesake, if however you are prepared to make some phone calls and send some letters it can be another cost effective way of tracing someone you’ve lost touch with.

Do it yourself

If you decide that you are going to do the searching yourself then it would still be worth adding a listing to Missing You. Once you’ve put that out there it’s there forever and you never know if your person will see it whilst you are doing your own research.
If you are going to carry out your own research then it’s a good idea to do so in an organised and structured manner. You could try a website like People Tracing Guide to help you. The guide is very good at giving you lots of helpful advice and maybe more importantly a clear structure to work towards.

You could also try this is a very reputable website where if you know the details of the person you are looking for, you can input them and see if an address comes up. The downside is if there is more than one match or if you don’t have enough information to begin with. If that’s the case you might be better with a listing on Missing You or using the experts mentioned above. I hope this has helped you to choose the correct people tracing service for your needs.