How Long Does It Take To Trace A Missing Parent?

How long does it take to trace a missing parent is something we are consistently asked. In truth it depends on many factors. What we’ll do over the course of this article is look into this question and hopefully provide you with a really good answer.


So the first consideration is what you know about your missing parent. This is the biggest factor in determining how long a search will take. It’s really important to work out everything that you do know. For example it’s really key when posting a message on Missing You that you include as much detail as you can. It would be the same if you used a professional people tracing company too. Or even if you did the searching yourself. We have some messages added to our message boards that get answered within days, these are always the messages with the most details. Itss also true that of the people tracing services we recommend a good proportion find people within a matter of days too. Other searches are known to take months. Some of our messages take years to be responded to.


If you don’t know much about your missing parent then it’s going to take longer to find them. That’s basically it for an answer to the question of how long does it take to trace a missing parent, it can take days or it can take months! Not overly helpful so let’s look at how you can reduce that time.


These tips work regardless of if you are using the Missing You website (you really should add a listing though) or if you are using another means to find someone.


Firstly do you know you’re missing parent’s full name? Can you find it out if you don’t? This is a key factor for all searches so it’s important for you to get it. If you don’t have it then it’s not the end of the road but it’s probably a much longer road. Some tracing companies do specialise in finding parents when you don’t have a name so look out for them.


Do you know their date of birth? This is also really useful information. It’s such a defining piece of information. If you have a full name and a date of birth it’s unlikely that more than one person will match those details and even if they do there will only be a couple of matches.


What anecdotal facts do you know about your missing parent? These things are so useful to add to your listing on Missing You. Things like… she loved knitting or he was in a boat club or he had a dog called Rex. It’s those little things that people will read and realise that it’s them or someone they know. It’s important to add information people will recognise.


Its also really useful to have a previous address too. That can really help. If you don’t have a previous address do you have a town that they lived in or a place where they were born. Information like this can really help. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this article about how long it takes to trace a missing parent.

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