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Sunday 7 June 2020

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Category: Adoptions
Seeking:  Darren Robert Morgan
Location:  Greater London : Uxbridge
Message:  I am asking you to please share the life out of this with as many people as possible. especially in the UK. I am looking for my cousin who was placed for adoption we think shortly after birth in 1971 we have no other details only what is on his original birth certificate. His birth name is DARREN ROBERT MORGAN (new name not known) and he was born on JANUARY 5TH, 1971 in HILLINGDON HOSPITAL, UXBRIDGE, GREATER LONDON, ENGLAND. His birth has been hush, hush for as long as I can remember. The few people that were aware have since passed away, including his mother sadly in 2012. Darren does have an elder full sister (same parents) born in 1969, who stayed with her Mum and only recently knew of his existence. Circumstances at the time of his birth meant that Darren had to be placed for adoption.\\r\\nWe recently found out that he did try and contact the family at the address given on his birth certificate. When this was I don`t know. Now the search begins. Darren or anyone out there who recognises a person born in Hillingdon Hospital on January 5th, 1971 please contact me.
Posted By:  Sue Holloway on Saturday 7 September 2019


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