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Travis Jones Missing Person

Category: Family & Friends
Seeking:  Travis Jones
Location:  East Midlands
Message:  Hello. I am Meri. I live in Indonesia. I'm looking for my fiancee, Travis Jones. I can't make any contact to him from Friday, January 29 2016. He is now in a clinic for a mental breakdown near Leicester area under NHS. but since Thursday I cannot contact him. I dont know any contact of his family or friends. He's about 36 years old. he used to be in Cornwall or Leicestershire. he is bald, pale, not skinny not fat as well, and use to wear a black hat with "bench" word, he is not too tall about 168-170cm. if anyone knows about him, please help me. I would really appreciate it. thank you in advance.
Posted By:  Meri Jones on Monday 1 February 2016


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