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Stephanie De Reuther Missing Person

Category: Adoptions
Seeking:  Stephanie De Reuther
Location:  East Anglia : Norwich
Message:  I am seeking Stephanie who posted a message for me on 17 February 2006. I think we are sisters. I have responded to her posting but it was 6 years ago and I may have missed this special opportunity to find my sister. My name was Deborah Jayne Crotch and I became Deborah Jayne Luck when I was adopted in Norwich in May 1968. My date of birth was 28 January 1964. I think my birth mother's name was Valerie. If you can help me let my sister know that I have seen her message after 6 years and would like her to know that I want to find her too. I only saw her posting by sheer fate a few days ago.
Posted By:  Deborah Luck on Monday 14 May 2012


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