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Siblings Missing Person

Category: Family & Friends
Seeking:  Siblings
Location:  East Midlands : No Town Information
Message:  Seeking siblings born between 1956 and 1983,so if you are looking for your father with the possible surname Nelson and have connections to Lincoln, Louth, Mablethorpe and Chesterfield areas please contact.
Posted By:  James Nelson on Friday 17 June 2016

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Category: Adoptions
Name:  Parents And Or Siblings
Seeker:  Fiona Bailey
Location:  North West : 8734
Message:  Searching for family of LYNN PROSSER (name at birth). Born on the 10th November, 1959. Given up for adoption at 10 days old. Little information known. Born in Withington Maternity Hospital. Name of blood parents unknown. They were not married. Occupations were nurse and doctor. Unknown if Prosser was mother's last name or father's last name.
Date:  Thursday 17 January 2013
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Category: Adoptions
Name:  Mother Father Siblings Etc
Seeker:  Lynn Winchester
Location:  Aberdeen and Grampian
Message:  I was born on 5th November 1969 & was adopted at 6 weeks old by a wonderful couple from the Aberdeenshire area. I have no further information apart from I was POSSIBLY born in the Glasgow area. If my date of birth rings any bells then pls get in touch.
Date:  Sunday 4 November 2012
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Category: Adoptions
Name:  My Dad & Siblings.
Seeker:  Julia Hubbard
Location:  West Midlands
Message:  My name was Ann Prior until adoption when it was changed to Julia, Born 01/05/1941 Gravesend Nursing Home. Mothers name Doreen Prior from Gravesend. Looking for my Father or Siblings. Thank you.... Father believed to be in RAF/ Pilot.
Date:  Thursday 21 July 2011
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Category: Adoptions
Name:  Parents Siblings
Seeker:  Tammy Simpson
Location:  South East : 9917
Message:  Im looking for parents or siblings of a Jason Skinner born 1971 Basingstoke. Thank you.
Date:  Tuesday 26 June 2007
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Category: Adoptions
Name:  Unknown ( Mother Or Siblings)
Seeker:  Christina Bock ( Nee Bishop)
Location:  South East : 12396
Message:  I was born in Hastings and then adoped by Mr. Mrs. Bishop We moved to South Africa I was born in 1944
Date:  Saturday 21 July 2007
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