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Scott Thomas Berry Or Millard Missing Person

Category: Family & Friends
Seeking:  Scott Thomas Berry Or Millard
Location:  East Anglia : Great Wakering
Message:  I Am serching for my brother Scott Thomas Berry/Millard. He will be about 30 years old now. I'm not sure what sur name he is using as i was told he had changed it. i have not seen my brother since i was about 4 years old which would mean i have not seen him for 14years. As i was so young i don't understand why my brother left but i would love to meet him. So if your out there Scott please get intouch. Mum lives at the same address but i live somewhere diffrent now as i was in foster care. It would be so lovely to meet you. I have been doing so much to find you but i just can't it's so hard on my own as i'm not to sure what to do. it was not as hard when i was looking for my dad but for you it's hard as i'm un sure of what sur name you are using.I am begging You please get in contact with me lots of love always Your Little sister lauren x
Posted By:  Lauren Millard on Thursday 3 September 2009


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