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Sandra Baird Missing Person

Category: Family & Friends
Seeking:  Sandra Baird
Location:  No Regional Information : No Town Information
Message:  I am trying to find my penpal from early 1960's. Maiden name is Sandra Baird. She was living in Glasgow in 1964 with her mother and her brother, John, and sister, Irene. Would love to renew our friendship. I lived in Minnesota, USA, at the time.
Posted By:  Barbara Scott on Sunday 20 March 2016

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Category: Family & Friends
Name:  Les Baird-sandra Baird-pat Baird-christine Baird-moira Baird-julie Maloney Baird
Seeker:  Tracy Mcneilly Maloney
Location:  Glasgow and Strathclyde : 26980
Message:  hi im trying to find any relatives of julie maloney also known as baird or blake. my name is tracy maloney my mothers name is mary mcneilly i was born in 1977, i am trying to make contact with my dad his name is leslie maloney also known as baird, he has 4 sisters as far as i know they are called sandra, moira, christine, patricia, i think patricia is married and her husbands name is george thompson or thomson, they were last known to be living in the ealing or hanwell area of london. julie maloney was also married to john blake but was also known as julie baird. that is all i know really my dad was born around 1955. thank you please email with any info however big or small
Date:  Thursday 16 August 2007
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