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Samantha Taylor Missing Person

Category: Adoptions
Seeking:  Samantha Taylor
Location:  East Anglia : Hemel Hempstead
Message:  My name is christine harding previous taylor and i am from hoddesdon hertfordshire.I am trying to find my sister who was put up for adoption at birth, the name she was given was Samantha Taylor I believe her first name is now Sarah but I do not no her surname. I also believe her to be around 40 years old and her birthday maybe in March.I have feeling she was from somewhere with a similar reference to Hemel Hempstead.She made a visit to her birth parents about 15 years ago unfortunately it was a very hectic situation and I did not get a chance to get any information from her I had also only just been told that I had another sister. I would very much like for her to get in touch with me and for her to be assured that it will be between just herself and me if that is how she would like it to be. I now have two daughters, her nieces, who I'd love her to meet as well.
Posted By:  Christine Taylor Harding on Friday 26 April 2013


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