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Rosemary Churchill Missing Person

Category: Family & Friends
Seeking:  Rosemary Churchill
Location:  East Anglia : Knebworth
Message:  I am an American, looking for my cousins and their mother, my Aunt. Last I saw them was in 1970 in their house in Knebworth. My Aunt born 1922 or 1923 married to an Englishman Cecil(?) Churchill in then Palestine. He worked in the Palestine police force. Her maiden name: Isquhi (or Iskuhi) Cholakian (or Tcholakian); had two daughters: Rosemary Churchill (born 1947 or 1948) and Linda (Lynda?) Churchill. I wonder if my aunt is alive and I am sure the girls are married. Beside the name of Knebworth, I also recall their residence prior to that was Stevenage, Herts Any information leading me to unite with them will be greatly appreciated
Posted By:  Artin Chatmajian on Saturday 21 April 2012


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