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Peter Alan Wilkinson Missing Person

Category: Family & Friends
Seeking:  Peter Alan Wilkinson
Location:  Yorkshire and the Humber : No Town Information
Message:  We are searching for my brother, Peter, He was born in Canada to Frederick and Joan, We moved to the uk when Peter was 2, We lived in various places in the south of the UK, the last stable home we had was in Hurtmore Surrey,. Peter went to Shacklford Junior school untill Boarding school in Sussex, Area not known. When Peter was 18 Peter joined to Royal Navy, Where he spent 3 years, He lived for a time in Balham London with a young lady called Sally,We then moved to Yorkshire, Peter worked for the Salvation Army in Sheffield till he went missing.WE have searched many years. The last time i saw Peter was in 1987 Approx. Our father was Frederick Ernest Wilkinson our Mother Joan Mary Wilson from Oxford , Dad was born March the 7th 1919 approx He was from Kent, and moved to Canada with his two brothers William and Sonny when he was approx 11 years of age, Mother was born on 26- 1- 22.We have a sister Carol Suzanne Barker She lives in Aldershot,We have been in touch with the Salvation Army and they believe Peter is no longer in the UK. Our Mother died on 8- 1- 2008,Peter is unaware of our Mothers passing. WE have not seen or heard of our Father since our Parents divorce in the early sixties. Believe he returned to Canada. Peter lived i Beighton in Sheffield for a short period of time.The last time we saw Peter is, he came to visit us in Rotherham and caught a bus back to Sheffield, and we have never seen him since. We miss Peter a great deal and would really love to see/ hear from him.
Posted By:  Rikki Wilkinson-wight on Wednesday 26 October 2016

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Category: Family & Friends
Name:  Peter Alan Wilkinson
Seeker:  Rikki Wilkinson-wight
Location:  Yorkshire and the Humber : 22941
Message:  We are looking for Peter, He is my brother, we have not seen Peter in nearly thirty years, at one point Peter was in Sheffield but we do not know where he is now, The last time i saw Peter he came to visit us, He left our house to go back to Sheffield and we have never seen him since. Peter was born in Canada,His date of birth is 2-7-51. He has two sisters Carol and myself Rikki.If anyone knows the whereabouts of Peter could you please let us know, we miss Peter very much and really want to see him again and make our family whole again,We do not know if Peter ever married as he was still single when we saw him last, We had salvation army looking for him, they had his national insurance number which we don`t and all they could tell us, was he was nowhere in the UK but did not know anything more, Our parents were Frederick Ernest Wilkinson (Canadian) and Joan Mary Wilson of Oxford UK, They were divorced in 1960, and i believe my father went back to Canada, we have not seen him since, XX
Date:  Monday 6 July 2015
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