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Patrick M Delaney Missing Person

Category: Family & Friends
Seeking:  Patrick M Delaney
Location:  East Anglia : Luton
Message:  I'm Joannah L Delaney. I am looking for my biological father called Patrick M Delaney. I was born & registered in the Luton area. My biological father was born in Scotland, And as for that I am not 100% sure IF he lived in the Luton area as he was a builder an possibly could of been contracted to a job in the Luton area. I have a Son & a Daughter on the way, I would love for them two to possibly able to have their Grandad in their lives as my Mother sadly passed when I was 14 years old. If anybody can help me find him, please!
Posted By:  Joannah Delaney on Thursday 16 January 2014


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