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Mark Mitchell Missing Person

Category: Family & Friends
Seeking:  Mark Mitchell
Location:  East Anglia : Lowestoft
Message:  I'm looking for a man called Mark Mitchell,he is in his early forties and I am sure that he lives maybe in Lowestoft or in the vicinity.He is single but not quite sure what he does for a living. We were friends on Facebook and we had friends in common on there - Sandra Greenall and Andrea Mclellan who both come from Fleetwood,Lancashire like I do. I know that many years ago he had an ex-partner who came from Fleetwood too. Any information about Mark's whereabouts would be extremely gratefully received as I haven't heard personally from Mark since 16th December 10 when he texted me last on my personal mobile which he has my number.I would just love to hear from anybody who knows of Mark and maybe could tell him that I am worried and looking for Mark.
Posted By:  Jane Edwards on Monday 17 January 2011


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