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marcus -wayne amd kelly-marie brighton Missing Person

Category: Adoptions
Seeking:  Marcus -wayne Amd Kelly-marie Brighton
Location:  East Anglia
Message:  im looking for twin boy and girl marcus-wayne and kelly-marie born in norwich to a valerie brighton who was married to john brighton from what i gather their surnames may have been changed to crouch think they may have been adopted to a mr and mrs crouch who lived in devon this is not to do with their birth mom as we do not have contact with her through circumstances i am asking for my boyfreind who is their half brother as he feels that there is a piece missin and we have four sons and the oldest looks like marcus from what i have saw of photos i think i have the right date of birth not sure but know dey was born in june of 1981 any info please contact thank you due 2 some info i have received the date of registration was in between the months of july-sept 1981 thank you jenni for that info and god bless you all
Posted By:  Madeline Mccraieg on Friday 25 December 2009


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