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Lee Michael Daniels/Gunton Missing Person

Category: Adoptions
Seeking:  Lee Michael Daniels Gunton
Location:  East Anglia : Harleston
Message:  I am trying to look for my brother who was adopted through Barnardos. His date of birth is 17-06-1970 and my mum and dad named him Lee Michael Daniels but he was adopted so obviously this may have changed. He was taken to Lowestoft & placed with foster parents for 6 weeks while the adoption went through. We would love contact with him so if anyone knows him please show him this message or if anyone knows of him please let me know. My name is Kellie Day (was Daniels) my mums name is June Gunton & my dads name is Michael Alan Daniels and my brother is Nathan Daniels. We still all live in Harleston in Norfolk. Thank you.
Posted By:  Kellie Day on Wednesday 12 March 2014


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