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John & Julie(surname Unknown) Missing Person

Category: Family & Friends
Seeking:  John & Julie(surname Unknown)
Location:  South West
Message:  Enquiry relates to Bristol. Hello from Australia, with a mighty task to find my dear friends from way back in Bristol in 1962. The unusual part of this enquiry is, although I call them friends I just cannot remember their surname or their address as all my documents and address book went missing when arriving in Australia in 1962 So here follows what I remember: (John & Julie who had a son named Glen). John's birthdate 6th October, Julie's birthdate 4th May, Son Glen's birthdate 10th November. Julie was expecting another child when I left for Australia in November 1962. John trained for the GPO in Bristol. The last residence in Bristol that they lived in was a terrace house and it had a prison directly behind them. Their previous residence was 9 Hurle Road, Clifton Bristol. They were good friends with a 'Collin' who also was a post office trainee (my boyfriend at the time) My maiden name was: Sylvia Emily Holland now 74 years of age. (John & Julie would also be in their 70's now) I was 20 years old when I left Bristol. kind regards, Sylvia Vandertouw (nee Holland) Sydney Australia.
Posted By:  Sylvia Vandertouw on Tuesday 31 May 2016


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