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Jennifer Williams Missing Person

Category: Adoptions
Seeking:  Jennifer Williams
Location:  South East
Message:  Janet Clarke is looking for Half Sister Jennifer williams we both had the same Mother Joyce Maud Williams nee Bryant.
Posted By:  Janet Clarke on Sunday 17 April 2016

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Category: Adoptions
Name:  Jennifer Williams (hughes)
Seeker:  Rhys Williams
Location:  Mid Wales : 29977
Message:  Hi. My name is rhys williams , i am the son of robert maxwell williams. i am seeking my half sister jennifer williams , her adopted name is jennifer hughes. she has got into contact with my dads family but not my father himself. i am doing this on my own behlaf , but if jennifer wants to contact her birth father then i would be happy to help her. i have been looking for her every night for the past year , and at the end of the night i find out i havent found her. im hoping tonight wont be a repeat of all the other countless , and sad nights where i havent found her . jennifer, please get into contact with me , ive allways known you were my half sister because my father told us about you , if anyone knows jennifer/ knows of her werabouts , then please get into contact with me , it means so so much to me . and it woold make me the hapiest 16 year old alive. thank you .
Date:  Tuesday 22 September 2009
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