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Irish Man Who Lived In Basildon In The 60s Missing Person

Category: Family & Friends
Seeking:  Irish Man Who Lived In Basildon In The 60s
Location:  No Regional Information : No Town Information
Message:  In response to the message ive just received from ian.. unfortunately my mum louise bowles died 18 years ago when i was 6. I have her death and birth certificates and there is no name in the father section. My mum was adopted by ron bowles when she was 2 years old who was the man my nan was already married too when the irish man returned from working away to find out he had a child with my nan. Its very complicated but i have asked my nan for years for his name and she refuses to speak anything about it. Meaning she doesnt want me to go looking even though i have a right to know. I have the information about the irish man only from my nans cousin. They dont know anymore information that what was in my original post
Posted By:  Rebecca Russell on Wednesday 16 March 2016

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Category: Family & Friends
Name:  Irish Man Who Lived In Basildon In The 60s
Seeker:  Rebecca Russell
Location:  No Regional Information
Message:  Hi all I hope this message gets some response. Myself and my sister are searching for our biological grandfather or members of his family. We are unaware of his name at all but have some information that could help us find him. Allwe know of him is that he was an Irish man that lived in Basildon Essex in the 1960s. He had some form of a relationship with a woman named Sheila Ball at the time. This is my grandmother. Her parents were known as Norah (nibs) and Les Ball, and she had a sister called Jan and a brother called Les. The man we are looking for then went to work away and when he returned his sister had informed him that Sheila had a baby (my mum) who was born 18th December 1965/1966 her name was Louise. He wasnt aware at the time of pregnancy. By the time he found out Sheila had already married another man whos name is Ron Bowles. The man we are looking for had gone to norah and les house in hopes of seeing his child but was turned away at first but was eventually let in to see his daughter. we dont have any other information about the man we are looking for other than this story as sheila will not tell us anything and we have this information from sheilas cousin and aunt Hazel (both name hazel) we have desperately been searching for our grandfather for all this time. If anyone recalls this scenario from any members of the family please get in touch even to say you know who he is.
Date:  Tuesday 15 March 2016
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