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Hermione Kinnard Missing Person

Category: Family & Friends
Seeking:  Hermione Kinnard
Location:  East Anglia
Message:  This lady as in Great Yarmouth Hosp with me in Sept 1968. She was in a bed opposite me having given birth to her son. I had given birth to mine as well. Her hubby visited her along with a man named Richard Greene. I know she raised German Shepherd Dogs. I know she had a house fire many years ago and lost a litter of pups. I just want to get in touch to see how she is doing along with her son, hubby and dogs. This was an important time in my life and she helped me a lot as did Mr. Richard Greene. My name was Donna Johnston and my son was Shawn. We were in Great Yarmouth hospital. I believe her husband had an electricians business. It would be so exciting to hear from her.I live in Canada in Prince Edward County and my name is now Donna Espinola Thanks Would be happy to hear from any name mentioned here.
Posted By:  Donna Johnston on Tuesday 20 August 2013


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