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Flick (felicity) Morris (nee Middlebrook?) Missing Person

Category: Family & Friends
Seeking:  Flick (felicity) Morris (nee Middlebrook?)
Location:  North East : Sunderland
Message:  I am searching for Flick Morris (her maiden name may have been Middlebrook) who I knew in 1982-84; she lived in Stowmarket then. Flick had been in the RAF previously (I know she was stationed in Berlin in the late 70s, perhaps)), but moved home to Sunderland in about 1984 and I lost touch with her. Flick had a daughter, Donna, who would be about 35 to 36 now, I reckon, and she certainly has/had family in Sunderland. I kept in touch for a few years, but the last contact was in about 1994 and that was a call from Flick to my mum who did not keep any contact number for her! I'd really like to find out how she is getting on.
Posted By:  Ian Price on Tuesday 12 April 2016


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