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Doreen Rose Newuson Missing Person

Category: Family & Friends
Seeking:  Doreen Rose Newuson
Location:  East Anglia : No Town Information
Message:  Hi im the daughter of Marian lily may looking for my mams mum. doreen married Herbert,Henrry May in brixton london. i dnt think i have spelt he last name right but i no Doreen had other children ie roy may who my mam grow up with, jone? keneth? time is running out im doing a family tree whilst i can for my family to see. dorren was born 1931-1933 ish my mam was raised by her nan in camberwell london. if any one could help me or give me any inpho id be most greatful Thank you
Posted By:  Heather-marie Benson on Saturday 21 July 2012


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