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Christopher Cutting Missing Person

Category: Family & Friends
Seeking:  Christopher Cutting
Location:  East Anglia : Norwich
Message:  i am looking for my big brother, he will now be 42 years old, i havent seen him in 12 years, and have had no contact since 2010 with very little contact in between, he is married to Nicola J Cutting, he lived at his last known address 62 trafalgar square norwich nr1 3hn untill 2011 but has been no sight of eigher of them since. and they are currently not on the electorol role i miss him very much, and it is very important rght mow that i find him, as there is some family things that he needs to know, plus i want a hug from my big borther for the first time in 12 years. i am very worried about him as when when we last had contact it was (on his part) in secret. if you know him please get in touch with me, via my email address missmarriott@liveDOTcoDOTuk we love you chris, your sister, and nieces are waiting to find you. xx :)
Posted By:  Ginny Marriott on Saturday 24 November 2012


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