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Christine Gannon Missing Person

Category: Family & Friends
Seeking:  Christine Gannon
Location:  Greater London : No Town Information
Message:  Hi I am searching for my children's grandmother who was married to Roy weaving in the 50s, she lived in wands worth south London, she had 1 son born in 1955 named Geoffrey Roy. I know she has a sister in Essex who has 2 children and believe the daughters name is kirsty any one who may be able to give any information is welcome I have been searching for many years my children want for nothing except to know their grandmother please if any one reading this who lives in Essex if you know anyone who is in her late 40s to 50s and her name is kirsty and she has a auntie called Christine please contact me, sometimes lost people don't want to be found but my children's grandfather and father are now deceased their grandmother is the only person left, she may have passed away we were told that she went to Australia, someone on here did give me information about the sister that was in Essex but I don't remember the name, Christine did remarry I believe her name was chard and further information is that she has a brother his name Peter and her sister Patricia this is the lady I think lives in Essex and her daughter is kirsty. Many thanks for any information received. I would like to ask the man frank Reilly who gave me information on Christine we found her but when she was contacted she didn't want to know but we need help to find out if Christine went on to have other children, we were recently contacted by a man from austrailia claiming to be my children's uncle, also any one who may know Dianne Michael from benfleet in Essex last know to live in lower church street in her fifties plz get in touch many thanks.
Posted By:  Denise Yildirim on Saturday 20 February 2016


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