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Cheyne Moore Missing Person

Category: Family & Friends
Seeking:  Cheyne Moore Picture
Location:  East Anglia : Southend-on-sea
Message:  Im trying to track down my father who i have not seen since i was 7 months old, iam now 15. His name is cheyne Moore, i no he may live in south end on sea and should now be about 53 years old. I have been speaking to my mum about trying to find him and she said its ok with her but she would be a bit scared for my safety as they divorced due to him being very violent towards her. I would like to find my father because I have heard allot of things about him (good and bad) and would really like to see if these things are true and to have my own opinions of him instead of just stories. I no he has brothers and sisters and his mum's name is Elsie Moore and I no one of his brothers name's is Kevin Moore and one of his sister's names is Sharron Moore although she could be married and have a different surname. My dad is about 5"6 – 5”8. He may have 2 children named: ELIZABETH ANN MOORE + PHILLIP NIGEL MOORE.
Posted By:  Sarah Moore on Saturday 13 February 2010


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