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Carol Pauline Lamb Nee Bridge Missing Person

Category: Family & Friends
Seeking:  Carol Pauline Lamb Nee Bridge
Location:  East Anglia : Dagenham
Message:  Mum was last seen xmas 2001 by her family her son and daughters would just like to know that she is alive. My younger sister and brother have many questions and I have tried to answer as much as I can but cant answer all of there questions (they are now 20 and 17) Some details on her she was born Carol Pauline Bridge on 31/12/1963 in essex she married Nigel Lamb in 1983 and they later Divorced in 1996 (ish). Not sure if she has remarried but last know to be living in Dagenham / Barking may have met someone else and moved to Kent. Would like her to know that she has a grandaughter and that her younger daughter is having a baby and the younger children would like to meet her and maybe get to know her again if she would like. The only one on the electrol is not her so not sure where to look now she is to old mum would now be 48 any help would be great. We are all very worried now and dont know what to do now should we report her as missing or not her welfare is now something of an issue as she has not been in contact with anyone not even her sisters for over 10 years and no one has a clue where to look now
Posted By:  Emma Lamb on Friday 16 March 2012


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