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?ackee O'connor / Shackleton Missing Person

Category: Family & Friends
Seeking:  ?ackee O'connor Shackleton
Location:  South East : Southampton
Message:  Seeking: O'conor Or & Shackleton (?ackee) May have come over to Britain with the American army and stationed at Greenham common or somewhere like that. Location: No Regional Information Message: I am looking for my father, name is unknown but possibly ?Ackee O'Connor / Shacklelton ) Bakerman/Akerman. First name not known but this is vague. He was born in West Indies possibly Kingston Jamaica/Trinidad & came to England some when in the 1940's & lived in Southampton when I was born in 1947 & ?London area where my brother Peter was born 1950 who was adopted so would have had his name changed. My father would have been in his 20's I'd guess. His partner, my mother, at the time was Ruth Vincent who he split from around 1951 ish, It is possible my father may have stayed in England the majority of the time or may have gone back to his country. If anyone remembers anything or knows anything that could link to this man please get in touch with me.
Posted By:  Sheila White on Saturday 10 August 2013


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