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Category: Family & Friends
Seeking:  1
Location:  South East : No Town Information
Message:  I am looking for Elsie Johnson who was living in Biggin Hill in Kent more than 20 years ago. No news from her from too long a time.
Posted By:  Delphine Poutout on Tuesday 5 July 2016

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Category: Adoptions
Name:  Nicky 21st November 1973
Seeker:  Jason Hinnells
Location:  No Regional Information
Message:  Just wanted to wish everyone a Very Happy Christmas and A great New Year. Searching can be frustrating but patience pays off so never give up hope. Still not found my little brother but if you see this Nicky, your birthday is 21st November a Very Happy Christmas and I will always be here ready and waiting the day you start to find out who you are.
Date:  Monday 24 December 2007
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Category: Adoptions
Name:  1
Seeker:  Rebecca Mcdonald
Location:  West Midlands
Message:  hi i\\\'m trying to find my adopted sister born emma mcdonald at birth might have had name change.born in birmingham.if u see this message please get in touch i would love to find and meet up with you xx
Date:  Tuesday 24 May 2011
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Category: Family & Friends
Name:  Anyone 1960-1974 Cranbourne Childrens Home Cheriton Folkestone Kent
Seeker:  Marcia Yates
Location:  East Midlands
Message:  I am looking for anyone who lived in cranbouirne childrens home between 1960-1974 in particular i would like to make contact with joyce mills and her sister jeanette mills. I am trying to build a case, and i need support from these two who i know were definately around at the time. The house we were in was called SOUTHSIDE and the lady in charge of that house was ROSEMARY CHAMBERS. Also looking for a women who worked there by the name of DIANE she adopted one of the girls by the name of LINDA WHALLER. If anyone knows the whereabouts of the people listed, i would be really grateful for info. no matter how small. THANKYOU MARCIA
Date:  Monday 7 July 2008
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Category: Armed Forces - Army
Name:  Baby Boy Lawless 1943
Seeker:  Brenda Benjamin Nee Reynolds
Location:  Isle of Man
Message:  Army WW11 Irene Sunshine Lawless age 22 had baby boywhile in army in 1943 would be around 64 now. I thought I was a only child till this last week when my mum who is 86 and very ill told me she has a baby boy in 1943 while she was in the Uk Army. They sent her home to Manchester Lancs and her mum sent her to a home to have the baby and after she woke up the baby had been taken away and she said there had not been a day she has not thought of him. My mum was demobbed in 1947 and married my dad and moved to Norfolk where he lived. Anyone who has any knowledge of this please email me in CT USA I always knew something was missing in our lives. Thank you.
Date:  Monday 11 June 2007
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Category: Armed Forces - RAF
Name:  People Who Served The Raf In Aden 1956 57
Seeker:  William Cannon
Location:  North West : 7603
Message:  my name is william cannon im keen to contact friends who served in aden with me in 1956/57
Date:  Friday 28 November 2008
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